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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today's Feature "Catherinette Rings"

Catherinette Rings

Steampunk Jewelry inspired by Victorian Science Fiction

I worked for several years in customer service in a travel agency and finance until 2008.

‘In April of 2008 I started to make rings just for fun ... I spent several hours every day perfecting and developing my own technique to Create an original design. I quickly started to make very retro-futurist model of rings. At that time I decided to embark on this adventure, quit my job and try to live on my jewelry full-time. One day a friend told me what I was doing was Steampunk. I researched the subject and fell in love with this culture. I always liked Steampunk but I didn't know there was a name for it.’

Article in Montreal Le Voir Newspaper
Mention in Fashion Magazine Clindoeil
Feature in Vivalamoda
Sculpture featured on BoingBoing
Featured in the innovation section of WGSN.com
Oxford Museum Steampunk Exhibition UK

In October I’m participating in the first ever steampunk exhibition to be held at a museum. It will be at the University of Oxford in the UK and runs from 13 October 2009 to 21 February 2010.


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