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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Featuring Today "Pilgrimage"


Masks, Jewelry, and Accessories for the Journey.

Jennifer Davis graduated with a degree in Studio Art, specializing in Graphic Design from the University of Texas at Austin in the late 1980's. After many years of working as a successful Graphic Designer and 3D Artist in the computer game industry, she decided to return to school to pursue her interests in music and theatre. The interest in music led her to finish a second Bachelor's or Arts in Vocal Performance from Texas State University and to singing with several local classical groups in the Austin and San Antonio area. She became involved with a Austin-based Shakespearean Theatre group called The Baron's Men in which she and her friends create high production value performances of Shakespeare's plays in a scale copy of the Globe Theatre, on the shores of Lake Austin.

During her work with The Baron's Men, Jennifer finally refined the process of leather mask making, with which she had experimented for years, in order to create masks, costumes, and props for their productions. The resulting masks were so popular that she began selling them, and took the next step in her life pilgrimage by becoming an independent artist and small business owner and Etsy seller.

Now she performs and creates in several media, sells masks, counts her blessings, and wonders where the next step in the journey will take her.

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