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Thursday, December 3, 2009

JBT Online Magazine

I have sooo much to talk about in the way of products, people, and shows. Where to start?


I have just discovered some amazing cr*p!! Became allergic to regular nasty name brand hand soap so of course I rushed out to pick some up along w/probiotics and acidophillus tablets. Now I've never been a big fan of people saying their product is "organic" because 9 times out of 10 it's not. I also hate when there's a ton of alcohol and vaseline type junk. Anyhoo, I was smelling around and looking at the thousands of overpriced liquid hand soaps and I found this fab Kiss My Face soap. It's almondy, gentle, and moisturing. So run out to your local Henry's, Windmill Farms, Whole Foods, etc. It was under $6!!!

While I was perusing how to cleanse my colon, refill it w/bacteria, then sweat it all out while drinking soy protein, I looked for some dark circle miracle cream. I was born crippled with the deep under eye blackness due to thin skin. Why I didn't get thin fat I'll never know. Back to what I was saying, I remembered that time when I called the plastic surgery line in desperation for help with this severe handicap and the nice lady told me it would be $1600 a year to shoot a cadaver's treated fat under my eyes to hide the darkness. When I screamed at the price she gave me the secret. ONLY vitamin E oil topically placed on your skin will help. Twas my lucky day in the herb aisle because I found some essential oils to smear everywhere I have darkness, pores, wrinkles, etc. And it f'n worked!!! I was going to start a help group for this but now I might just stop at this more than informative post about fixing one's embarrassing under eye circles.

Another fantastico product I found this week was Lash Blast mascara by Covergirl. Normally I'm a snob and I don't do the drugstore makeup for anything other than nail polish and cheapo lipstick. But I was in a bind so I prayed to PETA that animals had not been harmed in any way by the Covergirl people. Must have worked because this is the best mascara I've ever tried. And I'm pretty damn old at this point so I have to be right!

On to the entertainment portion..

I think I've already wrote about Twilight and I really feel it's time to move on from there anyway.

My 2 out of 3 MTV fav's finished this week. Completely predictable and disappointing finales on The City and The Hills. All I really came away with was that even though I don't like Audrina, what she went through this year because of that prick Justin Bobby was some horrible cr8p. Boring people, bad acting, noses down at this one:(

So today I watched RR/RW The Ruins which is my other MTV passion. It's now down to the team w/2 girls and the team with 4 boys and a girl who could put them all on her back and carry their sorry asses through the desert. I mostly hate everyone and since the party drama is over I'm glad the show almost is too.

Feeling like everything on T.V. is in sleeper mode till January. Will I watch American Idol? I don't know if I can go there anymore. TV people listen to me, bring back Arrested Development or something equally amazing!!! I'm dying here!

Breaking News on TV I was happily surprised to see that ABC revised Scrubs and threw it out there again. When I say threw I mean recycled actually. They took every character that wouldn't return from the original show and cloned them. Because I love JD and Turk's guy love so much, I don't really care. I just feel so sweet and mushy when I see them together:)




Who the f*ck cares as long as it covers my fat butt! (When I say fat I am not talking about "FAT" being a bad thing in general. I'm talking about my own poor/low self esteem issues, which I will also be creating a blog, facebook, twitter, and yahoo group for later).

My oldest stayed home today and we watched Monsters Inside Me on The Animal Planet channel through discovery. We got to see cute little worms magnified billions of times compared to their actual size. It was super duper fun to talk about how stupid the people were to not go to a different doctor then their local snake worshipper.  We are passionate about watching medical weirdness and all films about World War II, secret bunkers, or deformed animals. Nothing sad, just weird. My youngest especially loves the documentaries where they hunt down Nazis. He screams at the TV like it's a football match!  Of course we are con Nazis, goes w/out saying.  Yep, we are a different bunch, but that's what makes us so special:) Special like....

Toodles Till Tomorrow


Kathryn Lantz said...

Vitamin E oil?! That'll get rid of these nasty ass black undereyes that make me look like i accidentally smeared mascara all over myself?!

... running out to the drug store...

Erica said...

Kiss my face is good stuff,It is also available at trader joe's just in case you need to pick up some cheap wine too!