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Friday, December 4, 2009

It's All Gotta Be Addressed!

As most of you know I am a shy blossoming flower that only speaks when spoken to and generally doesn't have an opinion on anything. Last night I was pushed, driven, to the darkside...

Mature, view w/caution!


Forums, forums, forums, shame on you! You made me give the artistes the big fat tentacle:( Now I will be completely out of control on there and my charm to chain ratio will go off the charts! Why do you artistes with your stolen copyright images on store bought pendants push me so?? (*Please note, I fully endorse sticking the paper in the store bought pendant, just don't think it makes those that do so holier than us regular folk who also do chain/charm jewelry:)

Because of my propensity to start trouble, I will be holding off on our daily artist feature today. I would not want any of my own backlash to effect someone else shop.

I had vowed to not bring it back but I'm afraid it must be done!!! I'm off to buy Octopi from my secret supplier and possibly an owl or some yarn for a cowl.

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