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Sunday, December 6, 2009

They're Here....

Yep, those holiday shoppers are back! And with their arrival comes the new funsies! Our old but loyal friends, the non paying buyers:( Remember these folks? They are known for pre purchasing 10 of your best listings not responding to convos or emails and generally taking too much extra time out of your day. 9 times out of 10 there's no excuse at all and rarely do they pay w/out a gentle to serious nudge. Why do they do it? Besides making your holiday a little sh*ttier and more chaotic, who the heck knows? Would you walk into a B&M store and walk out w/out paying? I'm sure they wouldn't or they'd be trying to order from us out of cellblock 9! Most sites on the web are direct pay or you get nada. Only our other E friend eBay refuses to push these people to pay at checkout. Maybe that's what gives them the wrong idea in the first place? How 'bout a little email if you plan on waiting to pay? Ohhh, better yet, how 'bout an email before hand so we can say yes or no? It's on some level of rudeness I can't quite wrap my brain around. I think it goes w/forum trainwrecks and snotty emails. People have the anonymity of the internet and therefore do not give a cr*p how they come off:(

What to do? I say Etsy steps up. I know, it ain't gonna happen but I still will say it gosh darnit!! Pay now b*tches or your items will be restocked. One screen, one threat, and don't let the transaction go through w/out the $$$$. Easy peasy and cuts down on sales cancellations and other problems associated with non payers.

Right now I would be creating and listing more, which goes right in your pocket Etsy! Instead, I have to convo/email much more than one buyer because your site doesn't work properly.

Get some f'n coupon/sales/shipping/gift certificate codes, more bulk editing tools, and stop this non paying cr#p! It's good for us all.

P.S. Get those d*mn owls off the front page too! Unless you decide to put mine there:)

Non paying buyers they shop in packs, beware...

Etsy Equals Energy Erased,

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