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Monday, December 7, 2009

Get Warm With "Wild Cloudberry"

 Welcome to Monday's Feature...

Wild Cloudberry

My name is Eveliina Tackett. I'm a stay-at-home-mother to my 2 year old daughter, married to my wonderful husband for four years now. I'm originally from Finland and have lived there most of my life. At the beginning of this year our little family moved to Colorado where my husband is from and started our new life! I have always loved knitting but it just seems that my daughter has too many things already! I have loved Etsy ever since I found it few years ago and little bit ago I finally got the guts to open my own shop, Wild Cloudberry.

Wild Cloudberry, name of the shop, comes from my daughter's middle name Hilla which is Finnish and means Cloudberry. Right now my shop has a bunch of hats and few neck warmers. I'm constantly working on new models, testing them out and figuring out which ones are worthy enough for Etsy. It has to be perfect and pre-approved by my family ;) Wouldn't sell anything that I wouldn't wear myself.

You can find my shop here

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Email wildcloudberry@gmail.com

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