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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pre Black Friday Fantastic! "Painted by Renee"

Decadent, fabulous, romantic, unique, these are some of the words that came to mind when I stumbled upon this shop. I guarantee you will feel the same when you visit the talented..

"Painted by Renee"

I am a self taught artist and for years, painted on oversized canvas - and my subject was mainly Chinese Men

Over the last few years though, I have been enjoying working with paper rather than paint - I love the French style right now. It's very elegant and romantic - My work has been featured several times on Etsy Treasury Pages. That's always exciting because it's Etsy buyers and sellers who select work to be shown there.

I have been featured on 3 segments of the Christopher Lowell Show, as well as two consecutive years at the Pasadena Showcase House where my hand painted purses were sell-outs each year.

In addition, I am an Adult Literacy Volunteer - there are so many people who you walk by each day and maybe they'll smile but hardly ever talk to you...that's because they're embarrassed...it's very difficult to learn English and a lot of people are holding down up to two and three jobs and don't have time for school.

Most libraries offer some sort of literacy program. There's no charge to the adult learner and they can have a one on one tutor. It's wonderful to watch them blossom and come out of their shells...I have been doing this now for over 9 years. I love it and it has enriched my life...We have been getting a lot of volunteer tutors who are answering the call of President Obama to volunteer..

Please visit her here:

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