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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Featuring Today "Sweet Bitty Bows"

"Sweet Bitty Bows"

My name is Denise Erickson and I am the owner of Sweet Bitty Bows. I specialize in whimsical and unique hair accessories...perfect for that little princess.

Sweet Bitty Bows was created after the birth of my daughter Riley....As you all must know shopping for your first daughter is so much fun!!

I got addicted to hair bows and clippies...But at the same time I wanted something different and unique. SO..thats where it all came about.

I can tell you that I will only put items in my store that I would buy for my sweet little daughter. So rest assured, every item you see has been thought through.

Sweet Bitty Bows started in March and all I can say is that I am so VERY lucky and blessed to have the customers that I do. So stay with us, visit often as I am ALWAYS adding new items!

Please visit us here;

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