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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Etsy Trends That I'm Over!!

Hello fellow friends and Etsians alike! I feel like writing another list tonight. After looking at digital collage sheets for the past hour, I have decided there are some things that Etsy can do without. Personally, I'd like to never see them again but somehow they live on.

Tonight I bring you...

Etsy Trends Whose Time Has Come and Gone


Washable Maxi Pads

Keep Calm and Carry On

Lip Gloss Cozy

Coffee Cup Cozy

ALL copiers of The Black Apple.

Don't kill me for saying this, but cake decoration sprinkles in resin has really been done to death.

Any disgusting type of animal parts that have been beaded, glittered, or mounted. I do not want a dead chicken claw in my hair clip, k?

Mustaches, for god sakes please, please, stop this! Next we will all be wearing pubic belts:( It's facial hair people, get over it!

In my own best interest I will not add owls and octopi to this list. Hey, I can keep a good trend going too!

Trendy Trash from Tara!


Annette said...

Washable maxi pads...definitely time to go. Ewwwww!

artbysarada said...

I can't give up the owls or octopi either, I admit it!

hotjavva said...

i don't know what's wierder- the moustaches or the washable maxi pads. to be fair though, i am still selling cupcake art. little girls love it! i guess to each their own.

Dig The Earth said...

What about washable maxi pads that can also be used as a moustache? Now there's a trend… :)

Victoria said...

At least the washable pads have a function... I never quite understood the whole mustache/fake beard thing? Did it start on Etsy and spread outside or was it already a trend? Because tonight at the campus bar is fake mustache night, ugh!!

Nikol King said...

Word on all of these. I do like your Octopus necklace, I hate that everyone on Etsy has copied it though :(

AMIdesigns said...

this post made me laugh. I totally agree with you especially about the moustaches

Wild Cloudberry said...

Laughing here too :) this was a good list

Jewelry by Tara said...

Thanks to all who commented:) I need to admit that I buy all my candles, lotions, and soap in the cupcake scent. Guess it's not as over as I thought??? LOL


Jillian said...

I can't wrap my head around the mustache and beard mania on Etsy. It makes no sense. Grow your own danged beard if you want one!

Steffi said...

I didnt know that lip gloss cozies existed!! hahahaha