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Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh gosh, I really, really, need a sale!!! (SARCASM FOLKS)

Leave it to me to suck the fun right outta Black Friday sales!! LOL But really peeps, do we need a sale to decide what to buy? The only thing I really, really, would like is free ship on candles, soap, etc. Because I love B&B and it's too damn expensive on Etsy otherwise. So hypocritically speaking, here's my sales..

Happy Friday!

Here are the ongoing fab sales...

Domino/Scrabble Tile Necklaces and Pendants FREE US ship.


$2 Earring Sale


Whopping Big Sale


So be careful out there today kiddies, it's gonna be a bumpy, knock down drag out, thread closing, hair pulling, day!

Sales Sluts Sing and Shout!!!

1 comment:

Fern said...

Ooo... I'm off to check out those links - I'm a sucker for free shipping too. LOVE IT! Happy Black Friday to you!