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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Featuring today.. "Stacia Marie"

When I saw her beautiful jewelry I knew you would all appreciate her work/craftsmanship.  I bring you the lovely designs of...

Stacia Marie

Hi, my name is Stacia and I’m currently an undergraduate student at Vassar College. I taught myself basic jewelry making when I was roughly 13 years old and I haven’t departed from the art process since. I love and take pride in the jewelry I make because they are all one of kind pieces. When I create my jewelry I know that the possibilities are endless. In fact, once I took my mother to a bead shop and she asked me, “How do you choose? There are so many options that it’s becoming overwhelming.” And I responded, “I don’t see the choices as a burden but rather a gift, because it enables me to always look in a new direction.

Please visit her beautiful jewelry here...

Stacia Marie

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