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Monday, November 2, 2009

Etsy.com peddles a false feminist fantasy.

Etsy.com peddles a false feminist fantasy.

Very, very, interesting article I just read and I encourage all of you Etsians to check it out. It aims to dispel the Etsy myth of women being able to use Etsy as a vehicle to work at home full time. Please read it and give me your take on it here.



Stitches In Time said...

I agree that younger women are reclaiming handwork and I agree that they are looking for a venue to be paid for it. I don't think Etsy really promotes the idea that you can "quit your job and stay home and make quilts". Anyone who has been on Etsy for any amount of time knows that Etsy provides the platform and the tools but it is up to you to create your own success. Etsy does spotlight artists who have had great success and are able to quit their day jobs, but that is not what the site is about. And I don't see where feminism comes into play at all. Etsy doesn't promote any form of feminism, other than providing a venue for sellers, who are mostly women, to sell wares that they make. I guess taking back handcrafts is feminist, but Etsy didn't start that trend, they are just trying to profit from it.

See my blog post on a similar topic http://stitchesntime.blogspot.com/2009/09/what-is-handmade-lifestyle.html

PixieDust said...

Thanks for posting this article! Very insightful, and though I don't think Etsy is leading women astray, nor even enforcing a misconception, I do believe many fall victim to thinking they will now live off their art with Etsy leading the way.

Jenni said...

Really interesting article. It raises fair questions, something all of us Etsians should think about. I don't think Etsy is purposefully leading women astray, but they are definitely profiting off all of us. Again, good article, I enjoyed it!

Nikol King said...

I hate how anything that's popular with women has to have some sort of feminist analysis article about it.

Linnea Tobias said...

Interesting article. I've always seen etsy as one small part of marketing my work..not THE answer. Selling your art or anything handmade is always tough and you have to do it because you love it.