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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WTF??? I'll say it again WTF???

Let us peruse the biggest bit 'o' trash yet on Etsy....


I must breathe for this one because I am holding back as I type. Why are people with less than 200 sales being showcased for their shops in a Storque ongoing feature about quitting your day job? Some of them on there since 2005 which would be even worse in the success of things.  I wont even go into the items that I've seen myself on eBay and are mass produced  that one seller being featured claims to make:( There was a time when I actually could quit my day job between my 3 Etsy shops and that time has come and gone. I'm not saying some of these fine entrepreneurs don't deserve to be applauded for their work, I'm saying how can admin serve us this b.s. that you can have 200 sales in a 4 year period and quit your day job???

How 'bout a new feature admin entitled "I Can't Quit My Day Job Because Etsy Won't Advertise " or "I Was Excluded From Gift Guides, Etsy Features, Storque Articles, etc. Because Etsy Doesn't Like Me."

Please understand, this isn't coming from bitterness or jealousy of the artists. My anger is that Etsy is misdirecting us all into thinking that we could be able to quit our day jobs w/sales figures like this. Under 2-3  thousand sales a year I defy anyone to make enough money to even quit their part time gig.  I'm so freaked out now I feel like taking on another day job:(

Storque Sucks Sh*t,


Round Rabbit said...

Deep breaths... I feel your pain. I try not to read the Storque anymore. I don't even look at the front page anymore. And I especially don't look at the featured seller anymore. It's all just so depressing...

Justine said...

I agree - It is sad. I checked some of those features and saw what you meant about a small amount of sales. It would be nice if Etsy spent more time advertising than they do on some of the extras on the site.

Round Rabbit - I also haven't read a lot of these things on Etsy for a while for the same reasons...

I've been feeling fed up with Etsy lately, so it was interesting to read your blog today.

Kathryn Lantz said...

oy ya.. troubles with tribbles.
hey, checked out the forums at all tonite? it's a bit of a car wreck- i cant look away! rob white's finally stepped in, but man did it get nasty! *snort* i stayed in the corner.
just stopping by to say hey! lol. love your rants.

satishsoli said...


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