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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Featuring Today "Recycled By Renee"

This lady makes the coolest hats! And the rest of her shop is really awesome too:)

"Recycled By Renee"
the all American Girl

I am Chicago Born but now reside in Sunny Southern California. Architecture is my profession and I am a Licenced Architect specializing in Arhitectural Interiors. Eventhough, it is a very rewarding field it just did not satisfy my desire to create. So to relax while I was studying for my licencing exams I began to craft and now it is my passion.

I began creating my sandblasted lighted bottles about 4 years ago and it has blossomed into much more. I love to recycle or what they call re-purpose everything I have listed in my shop, I find something and it is now something else. My husband says those gears are always turning.

Please visit her Etsy shop:

Recycled By Renee

1 comment:

digitaldoodlebug said...

those are beautiful hats, and so unique