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Thursday, October 8, 2009

What the PIF???

PIF = Pay It Forward = To put up a free listing in your Etsy shop and do it expecting nothing in return. (Off Etsy same thing, doesn't have to be a shop listing, just something nice you do:)

It is not expected that the buyer of a PIF must reciprocate, but we would love to seee you list a PIF in your own shop, or do something positive off/on Etsy. Maybe mentoring, helping someone w/an online issue, etc.

I have had a lot of newbies asking me lately about this widespread Etsy practice. A lot of them not understanding the point. Here is the points, (as I see them).

More Feedback - Especially for new sellers and older ones that can always use a boost!

Reputation - There are enough bad apples on Etsy and it can only improve your own standing w/other shops.

The Spirit of Giving - Doing something for no other reason than to be nice feels really good:)

Yes, I am in an unusually positive state of mind for moi! That's because sales are up, hot temperatures are down, and I still have all of my internal organs intact!!! For those of you who missed it, I almost had my appendix/gall bladder out last week, they couldn't decide which so they sent me home!!! LOL

Have a Positively Peaceful Day!


Nicole Bergman said...

Great post!

And I'm glad to hear your organs are all intact, LOL. Hope they don't give you any trouble.


Erica said...

I didn't even know that was something that was done... I am still not sure I really understand, but it could be fun :)

Bonzai Beadwear said...

thats a great idea!

Becky DeVries said...

since you practically called me out (JK) I think I will have to do this!! I will give it some thought. I will give blog followers a set up I think!

Becky DeVries said...

BTW TOTALLY kidding!! I love the idea!!