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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Even more graphic designs from moi!!

Jewelry is slow these days which gives me more time to be artsy w/the graphics!

Listing these w/avatars for $3.50 which I think is an awesome deal considering how I slave over each banner detail! LOL I'm going to list custom prices in my shop soon.

I'm getting the latest photo shop version when it comes out this month, can't wait to try it! So many ideas, so little time:(

I have moved off the frosted flake diet and I am now on the lollipop/sugar daddy diet! This one is even better because there are a variety of flavors available.☺

Back to work,
Etsy Egos Edited!

1 comment:

digitaldoodlebug said...

that's really cheap for a banner and avatar,great deal!