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Monday, September 7, 2009

Today's Feature "Hooks of Hope"

Pretty with a cause! Not only do I like what's in this shop but I like what's in the seller's heart♥ Please read on for more information and great crochet!

"Hooks of Hope"

 The Hooks of Hope shop opened its online doors in June 2009. That is when mom (Lynda) and I (Kati) decided to take our hobby to the next level by making our crocheted creations (aka hooks) available to the public. Together, we have been crocheting for over 10 years with mom starting about 25 years ago and me becoming completely obsessed just a couple years back during my first pregnancy (my boys have the blankets to prove it!). Yes, we love to crochet! However, this is not the only reason we began Hooks of Hope. In fact, the biggest motivator behind the development of our shop was the desire to use our talents for a larger purpose. That is why when you buy anyone of our hooks we contribute 15% of its purchase price to charity. This year we decided to give our charity contributions to the nonprofit organization Postpartum Support International. This organization aims to provide resources and support to women suffering from postpartum depression and as someone who has gone through postpartum depression myself, I know exactly how important groups like this are. No one should have to go through this condition alone! Therefore, it is our hope that with even our small contribution we can provide hope to those individuals who need it. Although the organizations may change year to year, our contribution commitment never will!

So what hooks are available for purchase? We offer a wide variety of hooks in our store! More specifically, we have handy hooks (aka dishcloths), slender hooks (aka scarves), tagalong hooks (aka purses), baby hooks (aka baby blankets), and blanket hooks (lap throws) available. And if you like our style but don't see the colors you need, we can easily customize an order just for you! :) Together, you can help us give the gift of hope one hook at a time...and get yourself something pretty in the process!

Please visit the following links for shopping and more important information;

http://hooksofhope.etsy.com (Our shop)
http://hooksofhope.blogspot.com (Our blog)
http://www.twitter.com/hooksofhope (Our Twitter Page)
http://postpartum.net (PSI's website, for more information about our charity)

Thank you for helping those who need it! I love people who donate their time/money to charities and causes.

On a serious note, support today's feature and you will be supporting more than one person:)


1 comment:

Kati said...

thanks for the feature tara! i really REALLY appreciate it! looks great too by the way! :)