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Monday, September 7, 2009

Back to school freak out!!!

Can you all believe that tomorrow the kiddies go back to school??? I'm happy because I might actually get to have a grown people conversation w/out interruptions. But I do like having them home w/me. It's super comforting to know they are just hanging out and I don't have to worry that my older one was in a fight, or my youngest had an asthma attack. Okay, these are just a couple of the worst case scenarios, I'm sure they will be just fine:)

I'm planning to go out this week w/my long lost friends, walk dogs, and work, work, work! Hoping the holiday biz will start and I can get some of these Fall pieces out before Fall ends!! LOL I'm not sure I will even make Xmas/Hanukkah things this year. Seems like every year I actually try and do holiday jewelry none of it sells in time. No one wants a Santa necklace in January so I get stuck:(  Then the next year rolls around and I decide I hate last year's holiday jewelry and it goes in the big box labeled "old jewelry cr*p!" I'm just going to make a ton of my best sellers. Lucky Koi Fish, Alice In Wonderland, Steampunk Heart, Steampunk Man, etc., etc. Hopefully convert these styles into my glass pendants for a more pricey look.

Well, I'll keep you posted on the first day of school tomorrow. Wish me luck! Post your first day worries/stories, etc. here.

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1 comment:

Anniessa said...

Noah decided to go to school, too! He's at Coronado and he's doing well. I am so thrilled - hope it lasts!

He was just asking when his beach play date will happen. Do your boys have half day Wednesdays?