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Sunday, September 6, 2009

In the news today...

Well, it's happened! I'm at 500 positive feedback in my newest eBay store!

Jewelry by Tara eBay

I actually have 628 positive feedbacks and more sales than that, but okay eBay we all know your accounting ain't right!! LOL

Nice to have a milestone sometimes keeps you heading in the right direction.

I'm closing out my poll tonight, the question was "Do you like getting samples with your purchases?" 30% of all 48 voters said yes, but I am more worried about that small percentage that is going to get upset. So I will not be including samples anymore in my packages. Sorry to all of you who have enjoyed receiving them I'll be sure to start throwing in some goodies of my own to make up for it!

I would love, love, love, if you would visit us;

Jewelry by Tara

And in case you missed the post above, please pick your fav piece of my jewelry and leave a message here to enter my "Finally Fall Giveaway". You will win handcrafted jewelry and a beautiful altered art tin.

Finally Fall Giveaway

Peace, peace, and more peace!

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