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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ranting my life away.... Non payers, indie films, The Hills, and the power of chocolate cake:)

Non payers suck and I don't have anything  positive I can say about it. Except maybe when they actually contact you right away and let you know they want to buy several things and need a ship discount. There, that's 1 positive! Unfortunately, I would say between all of my shops I spend more time each week being a bill collector then designing, shipping, and other business duties combined. I always equate the non payer situation with going to a brick and mortar store and having the sales clerk help you pick out  items, bringing them up to the counter for payment, and then saying you need to run to the ATM really quickly. You are stuck as a seller holding everything at the counter, no one else can purchase it, and you don't even know the person who told you to wait for money! 

I don't think it's all mean spirited, some of it is buyer ignorance. A lot of it is impulsive buying and the anonymity of the internet. If one buyer's account gets bad feedback, you can always open up another one with a different free email address. There are too many ways to get around payment.

 Now for something a lot more positive, I finally saw the movie "Sunshine Cleaning". This movie was fab and I loved all of the actors in it. Best of all is the dad from "The Slums Of Beverly Hills", another one of my faves, he was the dad in this movie too. His character was always trying to sell someone on some something, healthy popcorn he made, or shrimp that came off a truck! It centered around some really sad people who had lost their mom to suicide. One of the sister's was sleeping w/some gal's hubby who was a detective. Long story short, he turned her on to working as a cleaning lady for crime scenes. Which even made me want to go out and clean crime scenes.  For up to $3000 a pop you betcha! New vocation for the recession. Overall awesome, I think it's one of those watch it again movies and get a different take on it every time.

Tonight is the night!!! The sh*tty City returns to MTV,  but to make up for this they are bringing  us the delightfully sinful and trashy "The Hills". I probably will pass out at 8 so I will need to watch it Wed. morning on mtv.com. The only thing I regret about following this craptastic show is that my icon of beauty and grace, Lauren Conrad, will no longer be on it. Okay, so I think they are all a bunch of spoiled idiotic brats, with nothing better to do then argue over who's highlights are better. But, for the easy life? I'd trade with that Lauren chick if I could.  Ignorance is bliss they say... Plus, if Lauren brought her jewelry to Kitson they would sell her cr&ppy sh%t while we all have to work our butts off:(

Has anyone heard which Kardashian is knocked up and by who? I will need to go check out my diva Perez Hilton for the answer today.

Here's another thing I have been following. I love the cheesy pleasure that comes from watching Nancy Grace. No, I'm not happy that there are horrible crimes happening, I'm a worrier and all that violence freaks me out and makes me go OCD on my door locks!! LOL Anway, I love watching Nancy Grace and Jane Velez. The best part? You just need to see 10 min. of each and you can just walk away. The whole rest of the hour is just filler. For us busy gals w/lives this is perfect! I followed the whole drama w/Kaycee Anthony last year and now I can't wait till they bring in that babysitter b&tch who killed or had a part in killing little Haleigh Cummings:(  If you want to read about what really is going on with that I suggest you visit artharris.com he's really more informative.

So what else do I have going on today? I have a sick child who I gave a cold to, note to self, apologize for claiming my kids made me sick. My husband is thankfully not flying aerobatics today, so I can sit here calmly and not wait for the call that he's crashed. I'm going to go eat now, and then it's work, work, work!

Tea and Toast,


It's All In The Blog said...

ooh I havnt even heard of that movie, and I like the dad from slums too
Ill have to put it on the good ole netflix list!

Kathryn Lantz said...

Haven't heard of that movie either, but it's deffinately piqued my interest!! HA about the cleaning up crime scenes, when i heard that was an actual job a few years back and how much they got paid, i thought "hey, if i can eat spaghetti and meatballs while watching a surgery on tv, that should be a piece of cake!"