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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday's Feature "Mango Gyrl Designs

Ask and ye shall receive! You guys wanted me to present more jewelry features and this will hopefully be the first of many!

"Mango Gyrl Designs"

I have always loved creating things. As a child I used to draw pictures with my Dad, he had a creative streak as well. As I grew up I was always doing some kind of craft, sewing, cross stitch, holiday crafts, home decorating etc. Then a friend and I were invited to a jewelry party to learn how to make jewelry. I almost didn’t go and at the last minute changed my mind. Here I am four years later with a passion for creating jewelry! There are so many possibilities with all the beautiful beads for sale. I love having someone give me a few details about what they are looking for and then let my creative thinking take over. The happiness I feel when someone looks at a piece of jewelry that is made just for them is such a fulfilling feeling, it makes it all worthwhile. I enjoy working with all different types of components but my favorites are swarovski crystal and natural stones. Up until a couple months ago I was only selling my jewelry at craft shows and an occasional jewelry party. I feel I am ready to start selling online and like the idea of not having to make so much at one time like you do for craft shows. I have opened a store on Etsy and also Shophandmade.com. I would like to have my own website eventually. I also started a blog so I could write about my jewelry creating from time to time and share with other jewelry artsians. I work full time as an Accounting Manager in upstate NY and share my life with my husband, two dogs and three parrots.

Please visit here;

So what's on today's agenda? Hopefully a more positive rant than the past week, sales, walking, working, kid stuff, and a long nap!! Okay, the nap is just wishful thinking, but I can dream can't I??

Joyful Jeweler's!


Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff! off to check out her shop...

Shaw Family said...

cute stuff... I love those pink earrings :)

Mangogyrl said...

Thank you so much Tara for featuring my shop! I look forward to learning more from you!