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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Featuring the Fabulous.... "Earthborne Art"

I just love it, want it, and I'm sure I can come up with a reason I need it!! LOL Really excited about this artist today because I think her work is truly representative of someone who has mastered their craft completely.

I bring you...

Ceramics by, Dana Morton

I specialize in a line of ceramics called, "My Grandma's Linens".
It all started when I needed favors for our wedding. I went through a box of old linens that my grandmothers had made, and created little dishes by taking impressions of them. They were a huge hit! I now scour flea markets, yardsales etc., in search of old textiles. I like the idea of preserving them in clay and breathing new life into an old art form.

When I'm not playing with clay, I'm busy teaching ceramic workshops at area Charter schools.
My work is sold locally at:
La Petite Maison in Jamestown, Ca.
Mountain Sage in Groveland Ca.

Please visit EarthborneArt.etsy.com

On the Tara news... Sales are up again and I'm really getting excited for the holidays. I'm thinking of starting a Dear JBT section somewhere to help sellers out. Because you know, I have nothing on my plate already!!! LOL

My thoughts on a fabtastic indie film I watched last night are coming up next.

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DonidoDesigns said...

love those ceramics!

Kathryn Lantz said...

those ceramics are simply amazing! i'm off to heart that shop! christmas ideas for my ma'am!