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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses:(

I apologize in advance to all my loyal readers, but I did TRY to stay positive today!!! Still in a good mood but I swear eBay is pushing me!!! LOL

Let's just put this out there in the universe and maybe people will stop doing it:)

Please do not buy without paying!!!

List of Excuses I Get;

Didn't mean to buy.

Bought but changed my mind.

Title didn't match description, didn't read description. Cancel my order.

Problem with credit card.

Somebody else messed up my credit card.

Won't get paid til.....(insert date that is a min. of 2 weeks away on a $2.00 item).

No longer want, of course this is at least a week after non payment at purchase time.

I need to send you a money order instead. As a rule, I don't take money orders, but I will take a USPS one from time to time.

PayPal screwed up my payment.

eBay screwed up my payment.

My husband...., ....., or whoever, screwed up my payment.

Okay, that's my rant and now I feel much better.

T is For Total Headache!!!



Fantasybeader said...

wow. so true :-)

TheNightJar said...

i feel your pain!!!

Hi, I'm Helen ^_^ said...

I feel your pain, girl.
One time we listed my old iphone on ebay.
The winning bidder fight with two other bidders and won the bidding war, pushed the price up at least a hundred bucks more. Than he told us he will pay us next thursday. Then on the Friday after he told us his truck broke down and he needs to fix it with the money. Yah, I hate them too.