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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Want to get featured here?

Thank you, thank you, to all those that have contacted me for a feature on this blog. I received many convo's and emails and I'm trying to get back to everyone as fast as humanly possible.

Here are some tips for getting listed here right away;

Shop Cohesiveness - A clear point of view in your store, great organization of products in appropriate categories.

Fantastic pics - Let's face it, if you are a good photographer anything can look good. (Let's not bring up my own pics, k?? LMAO)

Other Jewelry Shops - I can only feature you here if your jewelry is completely different than my own. So sorry for this, but it's business:)

Supplies - Unless the supplies are handcrafted, vintage, or extremely unique, I will not feature them here.

Vintage - Same as above.

Family Friendly - Although I get an extreme kick from mature and XXX listings, I have to keep the blog family friendly☺

I think that covers most of what I'm looking for. You can always submit here, through convo on Etsy, or to me directly via email.

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Email Jewelry by Tara

I really do appreciate everyone who participates in my blog features. I take it pretty seriously and try to bring you all the best of the best. I know some people just throw them up there to make friends/get views etc. But I want to find artists that we all can admire and showcase their work. But please, please, please, don't be offended if you aren't picked. What is it they say about people's opinions??? LOL I am only one gal w/one opinion, so keep up the crafting!!!

Love and roses,

1 comment:

thatdesigngal said...

It would be an honor to be featured! I make custom designed gift bags for all occasions.

Here is my store:


Thank you for the consideration!