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Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Great Monday Feature " The Hotsy Totsy Shop"

All right feature fans get ready to go back to a stylish time where milk had fat, kids played outside, moms hung out at home, and stylish hair accesories ruled! . Bringing the vintage back to life with artistic flair...

"The Hotsy Totsy Shop"

Hotsy-Totsy: a 1920's/40's slang word for a high-class hottie OR something that is outstanding/great.

The Hotsy-Totsy Shop is a collaborative effort between my twin sister, Kelly, and I. Our shop includes a collection of stylish vintage hats and handmade hairpieces. Together we search through antique shops to find the greatest vintage hats in top condition and have weekly craft nights creating unique hairpieces inspired by burlesque dancers of the 1920's. Because of our success and the great feedback we had been receiving locally in Lansing, MI, we decided it was time to go online, and what better way to do that than Etsy. Most everything in our shop is under $20. At $12 & under, our hairpieces our priced with some of the lowest prices you can find - Urban Outfitters sells similar pieces starting at $24 and Claire's/Icing have way smaller pieces starting at $8.50! Check out our shop today at TheHotsyTotsyShop.etsy.com

We hope you enjoy our shop, and please feel free to leave us any feedback you may have.

Please visit:

Hopefully I will come across some more fantastic artists tomorrow, so we can all spend more $$$$!!! LOL
Lotsa love!

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Bonzai Beadwear said...

very nice! love the navy hat!!