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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To eBay or not to eBay, that is the question...

s some of you might know I tried to take a stand against the horrors of eBay by closing my shop there. I opened my new personal site so that I could create more OOAK and specialty jewelry for my fans and wholesale customers. Today I had that panicky moment.. You know, the one where you realize you're gonna be broke!!! LOL And I raced to eBay and reinstated my shop. Do I feel bad or like a coward for running back to mama $$$$ maker?? Maybe a little but the food it will put on my table might be worth it. In this economy I personally can't afford to shy away from any cash. I wish it were so, I wish I could take that stand and say "F*ck you eBay, you suck!!!" But I look at my kids and I want to take them to McDonalds once a month.

So I thought I'd also bring you a Pros vs. Cons list of the eBay world.

Fast payment
Beyond HUGE customer base
I'm a Power Seller among other benefits, so I get a decreased or free list fee, and they reduce their percentage on my sales. I get my listings put up immediately, and they show up better in searches.
I get to customize my store and keep better records.
Store is next to nothing to have.
People on eBay are there to buy, not just to hang out.

You will never get the price for your jewelry that you deserve.
eBay policies are not geared to protect the sellers, only the buyers;
  1. Can't leave negative or neutral feedback for buyers.
  2. Buyers can claim your description wasn't accurate and not only get a full refund, but you can get into     trouble.
Even with a discount on listings, I generally pay up to $100 a week to list.
They own you, you don't have access to your customer's emails, but they can access yours if you like.
There are a lot of people on eBay, (as with other sites), that want to have a problem. Sellers, you know
what I'm saying! These people would rather leave a neg. on your feedback then get a full refund? Go figure:(

Okay, so that's the short list. Call me an eBay sucker if you like, I probably would too!! LOL
Guess it's like the Etsy forums, you can try to leave, but you can never really get out!!!

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P.S. All jewelry on my ebay shop is priced the same as my regular shop. I don't add altered art jewelry there at all. Quality and uniqueness will stay the same:)

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Jennette said...

I agree i have my own website,but i am always hangin around there! Lol

Deelights said...

Definately in agreement with you. I have my own website too but ebay seems to be where all the buyers are so its so hard to quit.