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Monday, August 24, 2009

And yet another chapter from my widely unpublished book.."Jewelry.Com"

Confidence and patience is the key people!! I've been stalking the threads on Etsy lately and I felt we needed a recharge in confidence on there.

Written by Tara Van Stelle

© 2009 Jewelry by Tara

Chapter 8

Patience is a virtue!

So here we are, we have our jewelry, supplies, site, and the know how to run it all. Where are our customers and sales? Now is the hardest part of all, sitting and waiting. Well actually, you aren’t really going to just sit and wait. But you will need to calm yourself down, and realize nothing happens over night. This is a time of marketing, experimentation, and patience. Building up your customer base, and getting the word out about your products.

So what do I do if this goes on for more than a week? Be thankful that it’s only been a week! I know people who took up to 6 months to get their first sale, and they were grateful!

Here are some tricks to get the ball rolling;

Offer FREE shipping. Customers love to see a deal, and snatch it up for themselves.

Two for the price of one on older items, that aren’t selling as well. Gets things moving again, and makes it look like you’ve sold more items.

Discounts/coupons that are advertised within your shop are a great way to drum up business. Customers will be more inclined to purchase if they feel they are getting a bargain. You can also email these to your friends and family, and ask them to pass it on. Distribute fliers at craft shows too, or tack them up locally.

Still not selling? If it’s really not happening, and you’ve tried everything listed in this book, change it up. It is very important that you realize how often you will need to reassess your shop. Do not get stuck in the trap of one type of jewelry that is repeatedly pushed on your future customers. If they don’t like it now, they probably won’t tomorrow. Yes, you might get one person every 3 months, so keep some of this style in stock. Or, it could be problem number 2. You need to redo your shop design. This should be a whole other book entitled, “How Do I Make Everyone Happy?” It just can’t be done, so you will need a back up approach.

Ask yourself some questions about your current site;

Do I have fantastic pictures of my jewelry?

Are my jewelry descriptions accurate, and full of information from a buying standpoint?

Are my graphics appealing to everyone, or just myself, and a select group of friends?

Do my prices reflect the quality of my jewelry, are my pieces underpriced? Or, have I overpriced them for a saturated marketplace?

Is my style really current, or unique? Do I need to try some new ideas, or reconfigure some of my old pieces?

Is my site easily navigated? Or is it so crowded with graphics, ads, and information, you can hardly find my jewelry?

I ask myself these questions daily. You should definitely think about this as often as possible. I recommend revamping a little bit at a time, and see how that goes.

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