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Monday, August 24, 2009

Featuring..."Tatiana Rene Photography"

Today's feature is Tatiana Rene Photography. The way she captures her images is very unique to her. Her picture's different angles are like a wonderfully different take on everyday things. Not only that, but they are gorgeous and amazing.!Yes, I really do appreciate someone who can take a good photo and make it into art.

Now I bring you  in her own words....

Tatiana Rene Photography

Chaos is considered a total lack of organization or order. In my world of complete madness, however, there is a melancholic serenity, a simplistic peacefulness underneath my fragile skin. Confusion, passion, laughter, and sensuality paint my world and ultimately define the person that characterizes me as an artist, a lover, a daughter, a sister.
As a photographer, I capture the pure essence of my individuality and uniqueness. Through my chaotic existence, I express gratitude for the individuals that I have encountered. My face is colored by the influences of the people that have made an impact to my life as well as my inspirations. I am passionately driven to succeed, not only for myself, but for my friends and family as well. By taking risky leaps, I will ultimately arrive to the exquisite reality of a successful, captivating life. Through my experiences, I will learn the difficulties and sensations of what it means to be successful.
However, being true to oneself is consequently a fundamental ability to acquire. Through the many faces of this earth, personalities can flourish. We can contrive a world full of hope, love and laughter where chaos exists. By learning from our experiences, we can grasp on to the longevity of knowledge and wisdom. Each day that passes brings a new light to the ever-changing artists of our generation. This is a time of growth and experimentation. Using the essential tools needed for a progressing era will ultimately advance our world into something beyond our comprehension. -Tatiana Rene Timmins

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Thank you to all the artists for participating in our blog features. I really try hard to bring you all the best of the best. Stay tuned, I have a lot more of my fav pics coming up this week.


Jessica said...

Love the Orchids!

velvetwoods said...

Beautiful and stunning clarity.