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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday's Treasure "Ferry Tales Gifts"

Beautiful, unique, whimsical..

"Ferry Tales Gifts"

Born and raised in upstate New York and love it. Taught for years and during that time, started a small home business (in 1986) as a side interest. My dream was to create an "old country store" within my home. Thus my love of all things old, vintage.
To fill the "store" in my home, I learned to make soap, candles, bath and body products, greeting cards, played with polymer clay and taught myself how to make jewelry. I played with collage and started doing altered books. My goal was to have a place that was more than just a store, a place that people could come and just spend hours looking at stuff. I've filled it with all kinds of antiques and old store stock for visual interest. Started out thinking I'd use only one or two rooms and today it takes up nine plus hallways upstairs and downstairs. And I had to have an additional room built just to house my jewelry and paper supplies!
Oh yeah, the other thing is that all the stuff here has to be made by family members. Although I'm the only one who has a Etsy shop, my Mom, Dad and sister have all contributed their own creative energies to the shop here in King Ferry. Kind of a family affair.
I've retired and am absolutely loving it! More time to try all kinds of new projects. And an more than willing to do custom orders if I'm able.

Please visit here Ferry Tales Gifts

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