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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

OMG! The Frustration:(

Y'all, I must whine! You see I cannot, absolutely cannot, stand Rob aka Etsy forefather. I am beyond annoyed w/his stupid answers to questions and what he babbles nonsensically on the forums.

Some utterly stupid Robisms...

Things are rather unruly right now, like Odysseus' hair when he emerged from the salt brine sea in front of Nausicaa.

I have to run, my kettle is wobbling off the hob. It's tea time! Thanks for sharing everything, and good luck!

The scariest part of all this?? These examples come from only 1 of his threads! Come on dude, wtf? You are obviously well beyond the cuteness now of your early 20's nonsensical rants and that Swimmy bullshit you tried to shove up our a$$es in the beginning. We know you had money handed to you, so cut the shit about being a small start up w/no cash. Cut the cr*p about getting into bed w/Wal Mart and saying it's okay. And for f*cks sake get to the damn point of our questions already!

I seriously think he is going to mess up Etsy  just to drive us to his new Parachutes site, that we have yet to find out the mystery of .

Here's a tip from me Rokail, fix the search, fix all the out of control usage of aps, put some other sellers on the front page or just do a general rotation through sold or just listed, and get the f*ck to work before we all have nervous breakdowns!

Does Etsy cover our mental health costs? Because mine has skyrocketed since you returned:(

Rob's Rants Cause A Rotten Ruckus Really!

P.S. I wish I had that article that spelled out all the false info. Rob has given us over the years concerning his background. Let's just sum it up and say there was no f'n Swimmy and he didn't come from the projects in NYC. Sure if you Google Etsy Rob Rokali you can find some really interesting tidbits out there.


Victoria said...

Wow, those quotes are truly... inspired.

Stella Peterson said...

Hilarious Tara! I went over to the forums to have a read. Looks like a bogus interview! Perhaps he fabricated the whole thing! LOL