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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday's Feature "Crescent Moon Papers"

Today's Feature...

Crescent Moon Papers

Natalie is a twentysomething who has lived in South Carolina her entire life (except for a three month stint in London one summer). She loves reading, planning her own wedding in May of this year, and creating all sorts of crafty things. She got her start in paper products at the ripe age of nine when she took it upon herself to create a newspaper, named The Family Gazette. It mostly featured copied stories from her Scholastic Weekly Reader, but her family encouraged this entrepreneurial strain in the hopes that it would develop Natalie's interest in reading and writing.

And boy, did it work! Several years later, Natalie went to college and received her degree in English Language and Literature, with her sights set on law school. Law school only lasted a semester and a few weeks for this literature lover, who decided to take some time off from school to sort out her life post-law school. To pass the time (and to help pay the rent!), Natalie went to work at a small stationery store down in Charleston in order to be closer to her parents. For the next nine months, Natalie learned the ins and outs of working with stationery of all sorts: notecards, birthday invitations, correspondence cards, address labels, stickers and wedding invitations. Within a few months, she became the "go to girl" whenever a customer needed to order wedding invitations.

Nine months after starting the job, Natalie returned to school full time to begin her master's in English Language and Literature. She returned to the little store during all her breaks from school, where she tried to learn as much as possible about stationery and how to improve upon the products already available. In her spare time during the school year, she would make stationery sets and invitations for her friends and family; the feedback she received from these ventures made her realize that she wanted to share her creations with others. And Crescent Moon Papers was born! Two months later, Natalie is working to expand all parts of her budding shop. She hopes to continue offering more products as she prepares to graduate from grad school this May and far beyond.

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