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Monday, January 25, 2010

ALL Fur Is Bad:( And I'm going to tell you why..

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now but I've been so preoccupied w/home schooling my son, opening a new shop, and learning new intense graphic designing. Now I assume we all love the cute little animals, (and the not so cute ones too, I.E. rodents that lived in my garage:( So I'm sure none of my wonderful readers out there is a fur wearer/supporter. But did you know that it's also bad to wear vintage fur? Yes blog fans, it's true. Vintage fur is what keeps those furriers/restorers in business. Without new purchases of fur and old fixer uppers, what would these guys have to do? So I urge you to donate ALL of your old fur, (unless you plan to hide in your house and wear it), to...

Coats For Cubs

This wonderful organization will make sure your old fur is put to good use! The furs are sent to animal rehabilitation centers and used as surrogate mothers. And if that sh*t doesn't warm your heart then there is no hope for you:*(

So another thought I had about fur. Recently, I've been wearing some boots and moccasins that have faux fur on them. I was worried though that people might think I'm promoting fur or a real loser for sporting 'em! Should we even wear fake fur? I mean, there are so many other fabrics and embellishments out there I don't think it's worth it. If even one animal is spared because we stop promoting this stuff I'm sure I can throw out the faux. Thoughts??

I also want to tell y'all that I am not only vegetarian but vegan now. Meaning, I don't eat that cow milk which should only be given to baby cows in it's natural state. For more info. on how disgusting dairy is..

Yucky Dairy

Please look into these issues for yourself and take the time to get educated. I don't demand that you all become vegans, I would be happy if you'd just not wear fur first.


We Eat Animals That Eat Grass, so wtf is wrong w/us?

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