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Friday, January 15, 2010

No way!! She's gone and done it again...

Yep, the rumors are true and I have reconfirmed my propensity to take on too much!

Graphic Design by Tara

Let's face it, the jewelry shop is overflowing and  my graphics definitely need some space to breathe. I have been selling avatar/banner sets on Etsy for years but only lately have I found the time to really get down to biz w/it. I am planning on taking some courses in advanced Photoshop and logo design so stay tuned for some over the top graphics! And FYI I realized after I picked my new name that some of you might think that these are XXX graphic images, knowing me like you do. But hey, we all take our chances on Etsy don't we? And if someone pays me I'm happy to slap a logo on a girl's butt for money:)

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1 comment:

jemmdeecreations said...

wow! You are full of surprises. Good luck to you!