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Monday, January 18, 2010

Graphic Design by Tara update...

Hello my blog reading friends! Just a little catch up here to let you all know I read all your supportive emails, convos, etc. regarding the start up of my new business and I love/appreciate you all♥ Ironically, after opening last week jewelry sales went crazy! So remember kids, when things get slow, adding another business on will only improve your chances of being swamped w/work!! lol

I'm really enjoying my new shop and have purchased/made/public domained so many exciting graphics! I love the vintage, odd, and shabby chic and when they combine it's pure magic.

When you visit my shop you will probably notice one huge difference right off the bat. I work in themes and make all of my banners special little pieces of art. Most can be used for any type of shop and I don't design them too specifically for a certain type of shop. If you have a request for your own custom banner I will work closely w/you to come up w/your vision of the perfect banner!

Graphically speaking, I'm all over the place!

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Campbell Jane said...

Nice! Best of luck on your new shop!