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Friday, December 11, 2009

Yep, I am officially a sheep:(

As I continue now to "Blog Like You Twitter" I will also be twittering like you blog! Or some cr*p like that, I can't figure it all out this morning people!! LOL

Twitter Tara

What's the point? Call it a social/marketing experiment, or just another reason to sit here on my fat butt eating candy corn. Either way you get some cool aps!!

Tonight is the first night of Chanukah and if you click the post below this one you will see the Regretsy post on this. I intend to do nothing except possibly set myself/menorah/or house on fire w/the lighting of the candles. Also, grandma will be giving us some food w/our oil at dinner. If I don't return tomorrow it is because I am having the oil sucked from my pores that has coagulated there during the night. Yucky I know but Jewish grandma's are known for clogging the arteries.

Kid's are home again pretending to be sick. It's too bad they don't have a parent here that will make them go to school, stop playing video games, and turn off the new Harry Potter movie she picked up at Target yesterday. Did I mention that she also gave them Chanukah cookies for breakfast??

So how's tricks on Etsy you say? Pretty, pretty, good. Sales are consistently random and we likes it that way! I have listed more yummy Alice Tea Cake necklaces and I plan on pulling out some other fun tricks after I return in January. Yes, Tara is going on her f'n vacation and I don't want to hear any flack about it! We go to the mtns. of AZ every year for Xmas. This is a time to stick together in heated close quarters as we get annoyed 24 hours a day w/other family members. There is also some long drives, sh*tty food, and a lot of complaining! Happy f'n Holidays!

On another note, why I am surrounded by Chihuahua poo 24 hours a day? Can't they just go in the backyard? Come on, it's not that bad! Just because it's wet, dirty and hawks are flying overhead, doesn't mean you have to poop on my carpet!

Yep, we're all over the place today! Better save some sh*t for Twitter too..

Twitter Tales of Tara are Tantalizing!

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