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Friday, December 11, 2009

Holy Chanukah Moly! I'm being featured today♥

Good things come to those who live on Etsy! My first night of Chanukah gift...


If this is what I get the first night can't wait for the other 7 and Xmas! I'm a lucky gal, what can I say?

Thanks much to For The Love of Coupons

Lesson to my fellow Etsians, when you are having a cr*ppy Etsy day get off the forums and start creating something. I bitched all morning about being too lazy to make more of my most popular item. Just started making it 10 min. ago when I was told about this feature.

Off to grandma's for some oily pancakes and doughnuts. Promising to tweet from the emergency room! LOL

Grandma's Greasy Goodies,

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