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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To Artfire or Not To Artfire That is the question...

Recently some Etsy folk have turned me on to the up and coming Artfire site.


Although I'm probably the first one to complain about it, I have a strange undying loyalty to Etsy. It's a love/hate relationship that I'm not ready to break off. Maybe I'll just cheat a little?? LOL

Bring on the Artfire comments here and let me know how your experience has been.

Studying new studio...


Kathryn Lantz said...

I'd love to comment but i've got nuttin'! I was tempted for awhile to do artfire, but i dunno. I'm torn. Only been on etsy a little while, and yes, I love it, but having 2 shops on there now and all the promoting i'm doing (thanks to you! ha!) i'm exhausted enough lol. it is tempting since 12 listings are free and ppl have said really good stuff about it, especially since artfire apparently promotes itself unlike etsy. ALTHOUGH etsy is starting so show up in magazines and stuff, so who knows? I still am tempted though.. but i look at the artfire shops and they just look too crowded and busy for me. I like simplicity like etsy. maybe i'm just picky?? If you do decide to cheat a bit, please let us know how it goes! I'm more likely to trust your opinion on it then anyone else's :)
lol the word verification is making me laugh. nonion. that's exactly how i'd say 'no onion! i tend to mumble! (i apparently also need more sleep, cause not only am i babbling, i'm thinking everything is funny!)

Jewelry by Tara said...

KL I've been promoting my a$$ off lately and it hasn't helped much. I'm trying a couple of items on Artfire but I am really set in my Etsy ways. This old dog can't learn new tricks!! LOL

Justine said...

I started an Artfire store recently. So far, no sales, but I can't complain about something free! :) Actually, most people I've talked to haven't sold anything there yet...

Jenni said...

I've had the 12 free listings up on AF for awhile...nothing..but I'm not expecting much either. I'm not sold on them...but I haven't invested too much time there either.

TheFrogBag said...

I have 13 items there, and there they have sat for quite a while! No views, nothing. I don't promote it like I do my etsy shop, but still... Not too impressed so far. I like etsy better. But bully for them creating some competition and raising awareness of handmade stuff!

Dig The Earth said...

My views have been slim Tara, had one sale but can't quite give up the day job just yet ;)