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Monday, November 2, 2009

Tell me why? I don't like Mondays:(:(

***Okay, little tidbit of trivia on this post title. Song is about actual first big news school shooting and the excuse the crazy b*tch (disclaimer, when I say crazy b*tch I am talking about balls out shooting people crazy, not us regular folk w/mental illnesses, thank you:) gave for shooting up an elementary school. Even stranger still, family of shooter still lives across the street from the school and guess what? It's right in my neighborhood and my son actually went there for a while. I always had intense sadness/chills every time I dropped him off there. But I digress..

What else is new w/me besides playing Russian roulette trivia this morning? I have been adgitizing the hell out of this blog and I'll let you all know how that comes out. Just started doing a lot of paid advertising and I can't say it's been more fruitful than good old fashioned re listing and other such novel concepts. Still hanging in with the Project Wonderful folks. It's fun and entertaining to bid and see all of you Etsy peeps there. Plus, it costs next to nothing and really gets the word out.

Once again I am finding myself spread too thin. I have a lot of balls in the air and even some hitting me in the face:( Okay, that sounded kinda gross, but that's probably what I really meant in Freudian terms. I'm  currently sitting here typing this when I should be running errands, working out, planning my life and next business acquisition... LOL

Now for my thoughts on Etsy today...

Etsy has become a cesspool of angry sellers w/no sales. I'm afraid to go back into the war zone aka forums, for fear of being blacklisted on the Anti Etsy blogs or personal do not buy from lists. I spent an hour yesterday searching on these negative Etsy blogs just to make sure none of my items were in the yuck list or they didn't like me. Did someone say middle school/myspace??? Luckily for myself, and definitely for them, I saw nothing.  But it really got me thinking, hurtful or helpful? I'm the first one to say "let's make fun of Etsy." But when you have an ongoing blog about it? Somehow for me that crosses the line. Is it even legal to place/slander seller's items w/out them being aware on your blog?  I could laugh all day too at the cr&p some people think is art, but I only email a couple of people to pass on the funny. What about the negativity that spreads from blogs w/800 members? Even as I type this I keep thinking about back spacing to delete all I've written. Why? I wouldn't appreciate my post getting linked to one of these blogs. Freedom of speech yes, freedom of hate, we shall see...

Ten Times I've Told You To Teach Tolerance:(


factorygirlashli said...

The forums have been pretty negative lately. Lots of brand new sellers saying "WHY HAVEN'T I GOTTEN SALES?" You gotta promote. You gotta have good photos. You gotta use all your tags. And if it doesn't work, keep a positive attitude and hang in there!

Mangogyrl said...

I think Etsy needs to moderate the forums more and try to help new sellers instead of making them chaf for the sharks in the pool just looking for an easy meal. :( I have been doing showcases weekly, with little or no sales. I think I am doing everything I should be. There are just so many sellers on Etsy it is almost like being a needle in a haystack. I think Etsy could do alot more to make the playing field a little more level..but do they really care? They are getting their cut no matter who it is from. Who the hell are these people? Do they have a face, a voice? I would like to see it and hear it.

Nikol King said...

Today I was on the forums and there was alot of complaining about the front page. Thing is I made the front page twice last week. Now I'm fairly new, my pictures aren't the best, and I don't make cutesy "etsy" brand stuff, but I was still picked. Though I was excited I immediately felt guilty about my success and they were calling the front page stuff "crap". If I wasn't getting any exposer or sales I would just work harder on my stuff and not be blaming the venue, but I guess I'm proactive about stuff.