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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Necessary Evil?

I'm really trying to stay off the Etsy forums, I may even need to attend an A.A. meeting and exchange the booze for Etsy:(

Today we explore the forums. The good, the bad, and the bitchy!

Here's the good first because there are some positive peeps that read this blog!! LOL

Meeting new artist friends.
Tips on advertising, marketing, designing, etc.
Hooking up w/other artist's social sites aka blogs, facebook, ....

Things that appear good, but generally backfire on you:(

Venting about sales, everyone needs a little push sometimes.
Having a valid point that turns into a bashing.
Speaking about personal issues anywhere in the forums. Fun to chat, but is it good for biz?
Asking for a critique.

Bad, just super bad!

Discussing Politics and/or Religion
Starting a thread with;
  I know I posted about this before..
   I need sales for...
   Etsy pisses me off...
   I hate...
   The customer this..
   My feedback is bad..
   Bad customer..
   Stop copying me..
   We, as in you, me, and all us shop keeps on Etsy.

So it comes down to this, do I agree w/the crap that goes on? Heck no!! I would never deliberately start a war on Etsy. But sometimes I want to reach through the computer and shake someone!!  Honestly I have never once felt the urge to show off on a thread and correct someone's behavior. The other day, a pain in the ass, (or should I say a farm animal of a different type), had to put their 2 cents in once again. So when people were talking back in the thread pointing this out w/out naming her, she put on her tough gal act and said call me by my name if you have a problem w/me! So of course, admin came on and praised those who didn't do this and restated that we must not call out. But on another thread what did she do? Called people on calling out! Yes, it's a case of being a hypocrite and a bully.

Why does none of this behavior surprise me anymore? It's just ongoing all over the web and Etsy is just a small example of people who need a time out. I think Etsy shop owners somehow feel removed from what they type. It's like a third person is speaking for them. (Yes, we skipped second because they are soooo far removed from their own stupidity:(

As you all know, I'm disgusted by BnR's. Don't shoot me for it, because I think I have a little experience under my belt and it's just my personal opinion.  When you obligate yourself or others to buying your wares, you have completely lost the point of selling on the internet. Numbers of sales do not equal more sales. If you suck you suck, get over it or do something about it. Also, why do you need this type of reinforcement? Remember when your crafts and art were fun? Feel good about yourself no matter what your number of sales.

Promotions also has a lot of post and run, I'm new come give me a heart, and other threads which beg for our love. Now I'm a huge hypocrite if I say I don't post and run, or give someone I feel sorry for a heart. But when I looked in promos today it was like a bad personals page! Instead of real marketing threads or let's cross feature each other, all I see are these love me I've done nothing threads. I can't tell you how many times I've posted in promotions about real opportunities that were free and got no response. So I guess people on there don't really want to get ahead w/work, they want us to come to them. IMHO☺

Until I come up w/some better sh&t to write about...

Devote, Promote, Emote,


PixieDust said...

Very valid points! I had resumed dropping into the Etsy forums (which is actually how I came across your shop, and thereby your blog), but have already bowed out once again. The post and runs really get to me, especially since I do take the time to check out as many shops as I can on a thread. Ah, well...

I had also stopped by here to thank you for the introduction of the Indie Craft Corner blog! I got my little shop featured on there - yay!



Anonymous said...

I'm still pretty new to the etsy thing, and hooked on the forums, but I pretty much stick to the site and business sections. Maybe there are real opportunities in the promotions, but it's too much to wade through to find them!