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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And now for some environmentally friendly finds!

Great for the environment, check, unique, check, pretty, check! I love these cards...

"Flowery Greetings"

My name is Nikki. My Etsy shop all started this summer when my husband and I (along with our 10 month old daughter) moved to a small town. It was a bit of a rough change for me, as I was used to city living. Not having much to do and not knowing anybody inspired me to get crafty, which is something I've always loved doing anyways. I am very passionate about being environmentally friendly and recycling and I also love to make things by hand or from scatch, so when I figured out how to make plantable paper, I knew I would be doing a lot of it! Now I can get creative and make all sorts of greeting cards for all occasions!

My shop link: http://FloweryGreetings.etsy.com
And my blog: http://nicolebergman.blogspot.com


missbmckay said...

cute stuff that is functional. i love itr.

Victoria said...

Aww, love the little house card!