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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside:*(

These guys decide to visit your town:

Extremism in America

I just received an email from our local synagogue where my kids attended preschool. They were warning  people in the neighborhood about the Westboro Baptist Church impending arrival. These upstanding folks are a lively bunch indeed! They like to show up at soldiers funerals and wreak havoc, visit foreign countries with messages of hate, and use their own twisted versions of religion/reality to offend and scare people.

So they are gifting San Diego with their extreme presence soon, you've been warned. So what does the Synagogue suggest we do? Nothing, ignore. Now on the one hand, I completely agree that we shouldn't confront idiots and have a road rage type of war with them. They will only receive more publicity for confrontations with citizens here.However, some groups here wanted to have a counter protest when they arrive but were talked out of it. I see it like this, since they hate EVERYONE, gays, Catholics, blacks, jews, and are all about equal opportunity hate, why not stage the most powerful anti hate silent prayer/sit in/love fest ever?? A showing of peace with out violence or hateful words. We could all just sit in front of them and ignore them and show each other we care. What about that people? The publicity they get would make them look like a bunch of fools screaming at some beautifully calm/respectful humans.

And that's what I want to see happen. Of course, I also want to see cupcakes fall out of the sky today so I'm not sure which is going to materialize first??

Peace People Please

Just in, example of how everyone should behave in the face of hatred. Thanks to TeeGee for giving me this info.



Victoria said...

I have heard of the Westboro Baptists before... pretty sad case. Your protest does sound appropriate - especially with all those diverse groups united against something so ridiculous. Unfortunately I don't think it would change Westboro's mind - and everyone already knows they're nutjobs anyway... so I don't know what it would take to make them take it down a notch.

What kind of cupcakes?

Jewelry by Tara said...


Pink Cupcakes, definitely buttercream♥