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Monday, October 12, 2009

Featuring "Blue Kitty Miniatures"

Yes, yes, and yes!!! Tiny treasures that look good enough to eat and I think some would even try!! LOL I love miniatures and what could be better than some yummy ones?? The artist also creates some non edibles that are cute and amazing too.

Let's read all about...

"Blue Kitty Miniatures"

All my life I seem to have been creating things and enjoying a range of craft based hobbies. A fascination with miniature villages, railway scenic layouts and dolls houses culminated over ten years ago in using all the craft techniques I had learned but scaled down to create miniatures for adult collectors.

This solved the space problem in keeping items I make but for some reason the amount of "stuff" which is collected and hoarded seems no less to make tiny items than full size ones.

I sculpt cakes using polymer clay - many of them are closely based on real life cakes and my source of inspiration is always recipe books and cake shops.

Cakes and food are not all I make, flowers in both paper and polymer clay, decorative items - cookie jars and tea pots are a speciality, figures (dolls), shoes, jewellery, clothing, textile items and some items of furniture are just some of the true scale items I create.

I work mainly in 1/12th scale but also sometimes in 1/24th (half) scale.

Collectors in America, Canada, Australia, Asia, the Far East and all over Europe have purchased items from me and some of my work has been featured in specialist Dolls House Magazines.

Miniatures are a hobby and a passion - not work and definitely not a business. I spend a lot of time and care on each item and constantly try to improve and try new things. By selling some of what I make I am able to partially fund my hobby and share my little treasures with other collectors at the same time.

Please visit here:

"Blue Kitty Miniatures"

Thank you again to all artists for participating and readers for supporting:)

I ♥ my featured artists! Hey, let's face it, if you love or do anything handmade, I love ya!


Victoria said...

Wow, those miniatures are amazing! I can only imagine the patience and talent that takes. I love the book and the plant - it's so cute!

Blue Kitty Miniatures said...

Thank you for this wonderful feature on my miniatures.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by the pictures - Blue Kitty Miniatures are much, much better in real life.

Her cakes are to die for but this lady can turn her hand to anything in miniature.

Her hedgehogs are the most fantastic little animals with so much detail for something so small.


dales_dreams said...

I too adore, bk's miniatures.

And am the proud owner of two of her hedgehogs, they are so darling! :)