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Friday, October 16, 2009

Just admit it already, you stole, you didn't create it, and your version sucks a$$!!!

So what evil lies in the hearts of myself and our fellow Etsians?? I'll say it here if no one else will admit to it..
Yep, I'm checking out your shop, feedback, and copies of my work, and I laugh at you in my head!! LOL

Today I'm looking through the just listed and I see a few necklaces that are exact copies of ideas/items I sold on Etsy in '07. Now I'm not one to freak out about copying, because let's face it WTF can you really do? And could you prove it w/out hiring Johnny Cochran??? Anyhoo, I see these necklaces so I take a jaunt over to their shop. What do I see in their feedback? More negatives and neutrals than you can shake a stick at!! Joy came over my evil heart and I smiled. Feedback such as, bad quality, fell apart, seller doesn't understand how to attach jewelry with proper findings, etc. etc. See guys, it's great to have imitators, especially when they don't know what they are doing!

Here's to hoping our customers figure out the same thing and buy our original pieces.

On another note, I will say I'm still angry that someone who shall remain nameless, has sold 1,000's of copies of an Etsy Survival Guide that I wrote/sold in '07, (possibly to them since they opened their shop much later). Same title, possibly same content. I'm not going to pay that high of a price to find out. FYI, I sold it for less than 1/2 because I love y'all!! Also, I've been giving out most of my info. on Etsy and elsewhere free for years. Grrrrr:(

Okay, so I laugh at you, I don't report you, and I move on. But one day....

Amusing or scary, judge me, I dare ya!! LOL

Terrifying Tara Tortures,

Just added, short rant...

Signature necklace, or garage sale throw together? Only the designer knows for sure... and P.S. throwing everything but the kitchen sink on a chain does not make your jewelry an artistic show piece.

I'm not bad, just a girl in an Etsy world☺


Kathryn Lantz said...

oh ya, love it. As usual! Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Love the ranting!! I would love to have more sales but would not attempt something like jewelry to copy from so I can get more sales.

xoxsmiley said...

I totally agree with you! Imitation is NOT the best form of flattery. Sorry to hear you've been copied. The best you can do is to stay ahead of them with your designs so you're always offering your customers the newest, never-before-seen styles. :] By the way, are you still offering those Etsy guides?

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

This post is brillant, I love it!!

Nicole Bergman said...

Sorry to hear you've been copied! NOT cool!


Victoria said...

Even a post about something so cruddy is funny! Sorry to hear about that, but I guess karma really did come around to bite them in the ass.