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Friday, October 16, 2009

Jewelry by Me, Yes, I said Jewelry!!

I love you guys and I love that you read my rants and raves. But today I thought, "why not actually feature my own jewelry?"

So here are some of the latest pieces you will find from my shop on Etsy.

Jewelry by Tara Etsy

Antique Skeleton Key Necklaces

$1.00, yep just a buck:), antique floral banner.

OOAK Birds of Nature Banner

 Finally you can even customize your own banner!

I've also managed to catch up on my artistic photography! LOL So now you will be able to view some of my oldies but goodies, in a better light.

Much more to list, so little time!

Jewelry, Jeers, and Jealousy! (All on My Part of Course:)



xoxsmiley said...

Just a buck!? That's a steal!

Kathryn Lantz said...

Love all your work! It's about time you featured your own stuff :)