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Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Night Feature "Autumn Rae Art"

Welcome to my unexpected Friday night feature! I'm putting this gal up tonight because I LOVE her art and I felt like looking at it. What, I can be biased on my own blog:)
I bring you...

"Autumn Rae Art"

I'm Autumn Davidson;and I am a self-taught, mixed-media artist.  I love to paint strong women with a hint of attitude!  Fairytales intrigue me, and I can't go long without painting a Lil' Red or Alice in Wonderland.  I've also ventured into fiber art.  It's like painting but with fabric!  I look at my jewelry as wearable, collage pieces...

Kindly visit:
AutumnArt on Etsy 

Go look at her shop right now, this is a direct order for beauty!
Friday Fantasy Feature,

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