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Friday, October 9, 2009

And how was your day?

Mine was filled with strange realizations and Ramen noodles! First, the noodles. I hadn't eaten them since college and my 13 year old forced me to buy them. They are so yummy!!! The best way to make them is not to add the seasoning packet to the water. Put it in the bowl you are going to eat from and then add the hot noodles with a small amount of water. Voila! You have an almost Asian meal! Will these replace my love of the frosted flakes and Sugar Daddy pops? Stay tuned...

My other realization was, "when did I go from being a MISS to a MAM?" Seems like just yesterday I was a Miss:( Do you think that if I act younger I can be a Miss again? Oh, that's right, I already act like I'm 12! LOL
Honestly, I think I look a lot younger than my age and it's not like I'm completely over the hill. Just slowly reaching the mid-point.

More realizations later...

Realizing Ridiculous Rants and Raves,

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