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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday's Shining Star "Bambi's Minis"

I'm really into Kawaii which = cute:) These minis are not kawaii per say, but they are super tiny replications of life and what could be more cute than that? I am still trying to figure out how I can place them in my office! Maybe someone out there wants to make me that Barbie dream home I never got in the '70's???

"Bambi's Minis"
Fun Stuff For A Mini World

I have been doing miniatures professionally for more than 30 years. If you count making houses and accessories from cardboard for my Barbie, when I was a kid, then I have been doing them a whole lot longer! I just really enjoy making a tiny world. I get inspired by the real world and things I can't find other places to do my own dollhouses. To me, it's much more than a hobby.

People think that miniatures have to be for a dollhouse. Not so! One of my favorite gifts is a shadow box done with a picture or poem or inspirational saying, with an appropriate room (or portion of a room) or garden done in front of it. This can make for some wonderful personalized gifts, not to mention they are a blast to make! People need to be as creative as the miniatures themselves are!

Please visit Bambi's Minis

So what's new in my zoo? I think that my cold has also brought me some insomnia, TMI:) I just feel sick/overwhelmed with it. I need to go out in the 100 deg. SoCal weather today and get over myself!! LOL

Too many tricks trump the talent!

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