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Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Feature "Felted Friends"

Okay, so you've probably noticed my bias towards the super cute and critters made of felt. Hey, it's my blog and I'll Kawaii if I want to!!! LOL

Promising to always keep a mix of talent on here. But onwards to our feature today....

"Felted Friends"

I'm an avid knitter of 30+ years who got into felting about 8 years ago. I still love standard knitting (currently working on my first Alice Starmore fair isle sweater). However I am fascinated by the miraculous transformation of simple wool yarn into three dimensional creations (via my washing machine!) during the felting process. And the best part - they never come out exactly the same twice. My time, when not knitting, is spent with my two kids ages 11 and 15, a small menagerie of animals, and working for a nonprofit environmental agency.

Please support the felted friends here!


Coming up... Super Tara rant on "Why The Heck Can't You Just Promote Your Own Sh*T????"

Love ya but I gotta leave ya!

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