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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Featuring Today... "Mittens"

 You know what's really great about doing all these features? Looking at the beautiful things you wish you could buy/wear. Now I'm not one to wear hats, or hair accessories, but I find myself adoring these shops the most!  Here is one of my faves that falls into the "wish I could wear it" category.


I am a stay at home mom, when I am not spending time with my son and husband, you can find me working on my hats.
I love to crochet, I find it so relaxing. I don't use patterns. I just make it up as I go. So everything comes out one of a kind.
I live in the desert so it is hard to sell my items where it is 100 degrees most of the year. That is why I love etsy, I can sell all over the world. I also make hats for baby and you can find those at MittensForKittens.etsy.com. You can catch up with me at home too at,

Please visit here:)
Another posty coming up right after this...

1 comment:

Sleepy Moon Design said...

I can't wear hats either, but I too always find my self looking at them!