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Friday, September 4, 2009

Featuring "Catchall Jewelry"

If I actually wore jewelry, I would love these earrings. They have a bohemian vibe and are beautifully crafted. It must have taken her hours to do this wirework!

Please enjoy today's feature...

"Catchall Jewelry" 

My name is Sonia, i'm a highschool student and i started my etsy in July. I've been making jewelry for six years, and i love doing it! I'm inspired by traditional indian and south american jewelry. My designs will be featured in up coming issues of Beadtrends, BeadStyle and Bead & Button magazine.

Please visit here:

Catchall Jewelry

I love all the support these features bring. It's nice to see artists come together instead of being competitive. After all, art is your own personal expression and it's up to others to interpret it for themselves. Your only competition is truly your imagination..

Deep thoughts!! LOL
More to come as I compete in the blogging olympics....



catchalljewelry said...

hi! thanks for featuring me.. this is so cool!!

Sleepy Moon Design said...

Wow those earrings are really neat!